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Magna Force filed the first patent applications and founded in May 1993 by Karl J. Lamb. The development of our innovative technologies has been completely self-funded, and each are protected by an extensive worldwide patent portfolio. Mr. Lamb has been granted over 230 patents in 51 countries, establishing Magna Force as a global technology developer.

Early on, Mr. Lamb became associated with a trusted mentor, intellectual property attorney and Special Master for Federal District courts in patent litigation, Richard W. Seed, Esq. Mr. Seed worked closely with Mr. Lamb to develop a professional and detailed development, testing and patenting protocol. All of Magna Force's work follows these steps through conception, prototyping, testing and validation. Patent claims are created from empirical studies of full scale prototypes combined with business plans for the commercialization of the invention.

Every concept is first designed, built and tested at our facilities. No further steps are taken until the invention is validated under real world conditions and matches Mr. Lamb's expectations. All prototypes are built to full working scale as experience shows us that when working with magnetics what works in small scale, may not work in large scale.


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Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension
What We Do
At Magna Force, our projects are carefully selected by analyzing the likelihood for success, the availability of a proprietary position for the new technology, the size of our target markets and the percentage of improvement/conservation that our work can deliver. Since we self-fund all of our own work, these decisions carry added weight. Projects are chosen that rank highly in all categories. We focus on advances that will provide more than 50% improvements over existing products.
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