Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension


Energy independence starts with the LEVX® zero-energy magnetic suspension that lifts fully loaded carriages at least 1" above its guideway in perpetual defiance of gravity with no energy required. More energy, environmental and cost savings come from the highly efficient LEVX® propulsion system which can use the cleanest available energy source for power.

When combined, the LEVX® technologies slash energy consumption and emissions by as much as 95+% over conventional diesel trucks. Tests have confirmed that freight laden carriages weighing as much as 90,000 pounds can glide along the rails using a phenomenally low 1/4 kWh per mile with an associated energy cost of about 2.5 cents per mile in the USA.

The first of its kind fully operational, magnetically levitated container freight transport demonstration system for ports, intermodal facilities and freight corridors has been constructed at our facilities in Port Angeles, Washington for an affordably low price of $5 million per lane mile (heavy freight system) with no utility connection required.

Proprietary LEVX® technologies offer unmatched benefits to both densely developed regions and those pursuing their first infrastructure projects:
  • Estimated cost per lane mile (heavy freight) - $5 M
  • Average energy cost in the USA - 2.5 cents per mile
  • Civil structures estimated to last 50% longer
  • Transitioning enhancements allow 60' radius cornering
  • Elevated guideway designs add capacity to existing right of ways
  • Simple building block construction with common tools and methods
  • Fail-safe suspension/levitation requires no power supply, no sensors or controls, remains independent from all other system functions
  • Frictionless suspension, propulsion and primary braking systems reduce maintenance
  • No guideway or vehicle connection to local power grids
  • Maintains operation during regional power outages
  • Versatile, multi-use service
  • Numerous energy source/fuel options
  • No electrified guideway components such as live third rails for added safety
  • Lowest energy requirement for propulsion
  • Short transitions to steep grades


"The straightforward inventiveness, that is Jerry Lamb's hallmark, surprised me yet again... The LEVX® system provides passive, non-energy consuming suspension and guidance for vehicles. "
Read Alan's report.
Alan Wallace, Professor of Engineering, Oregon State University

Magnet Technology Benefits

Jerry Lamb & US Ambassador to China, Gary Locke
" Jerry's come up with this idea using the same principles of magnets to levitate or to lift huge, very heavy objects off the ground, and it requires very little energy to actually push it. This has incredible applications in terms of mass transit, moving people, moving heavy equipment within a facility. It could really be a big cost-saver. "
~ Gary Locke, former Washington State Governor; currently US Ambassador to China

" The potential for the future is what is so amazing about it. People talk light rail being a nineteenth century technology, and really, this takes rail into the twenty first century. "
~ Doug Ericksen, Washington State Representative

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