Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension

Benefits: Congestion

Sustainable transport services are essential for continued and environmentally responsible development. Transportation is a basic requirement for economic success allowing people to access employment, education and essential services as well as providing for the exchange and distribution of goods in market places throughout the world.

The social costs of inadequate, overburdened or outdated transport systems are dramatic and growing year by year. Social costs include the time and productivity lost due to traffic congestion and inadequate system capacity as well as excessive energy use and increased pollution, accidents and injuries and health impacts including premature deaths.

LEVX® transport systems are designed to operate along their own segregated guideways (infrastructure). Segregated guideways operating overhead or alongside of existing routes to add capacity and efficiency to the transportation system by minimizing stops or delays and shifting high volumes of freight or passenger transport to a new mode.


Sustainable transportation Sustainable transportation must address environmental concerns, resource management, economic limitations and the social impacts of moving people and goods while adding needed transport services. LEVX® addresses all of these concerns with a low cost, ultra-low carbon, high capacity system with a minimal footprint and dramatically reduced human and environmental impacts.

" Affordable transport services are crucial for development. They connect rural areas to sales opportunities and inputs, and nations to export markets and foreign technologies. Affordability refers not just to consumer prices but also to all costs to society: the time losses due to congestion, the sometimes dramatic consequences of accidents, the health costs of local pollution, and the damage that severe climate events inflict on the population. Transport decisions, particularly those for infrastructure investments, will determine these costs for decades to come, offering opportunities to countries whose transport systems are not yet mature. "
Source: Turning the Right Corner, Authors: Kopp, Andreas; Block, Rachel I.; Iimi, Atsushi
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