Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension

Benefits: Cost Reduction

Affordable construction costs
The first of its kind fully operational, magnetically levitated container freight transport demonstration system for ports, intermodal facilities and dedicated freight corridors is has been constructed at our facilities in Port Angeles, Washington for an affordably low price of $5 million per lane mile which compares favorably with the cost of paving new lanes of conventional roadway. LEVX® zero or near zero emission transport systems further reduce costs by eliminating the need for expensive wayside power equipment, substations and electrical connections to the guideway or vehicles.

Passive, friction free components reduce maintenance costs
The patented LEVX® technology replaces complex, energy intensive systems with simple mechanical and non-contact devices. Guideway rails are passive, carrying no electrical current and generating no heat, eliminating common maintenance requirements. Self-supporting LEVX® carriages also require no outside energy transfer through maintenance intensive pantograph-catenary or electrified "third rail" connections. The carriages have no weight bearing wheels and float at least 1" above the rails in continuous non-contact, friction free suspension further minimizing moving parts and maintenance issues. Primary and secondary braking systems are friction free and operate with no physical contact between carriage and guideway components.

Limited control systems
No sensors or control systems are required for the magnetic suspension or guidance systems which operate within constant mechanical parameters. LEVX® systems may be fully automated or designed to accommodate on board operators. Automation systems focus on "local" (within the carriage) controls with "global" (at a remote location) management focused on overall system monitoring. Local control systems simplify automation and generally reduce system costs.

Efficient operations
Proprietary cornering enhancements that make for tight turning radii allow LEVX® guideways to follow existing right of ways lowering project procurement cost. LEVX® carriages may operate independently or with two or more carriages ganged together to attain higher throughput levels. The ability to vary carriage configurations allow system operators to optimize their efficiency by more closely matching capacity with demand throughout daily cycles and reduce unnecessary operating costs.


" I can't image the revolutionary ideas that will come from this. And it appears that the costs would be a lot less. There would be no pollution, there would be no noise. "
Lynn Kessler, Washington State Representative
At $5 million per lane mile (or $10 million for a bi-directional system) the first of its kind fully operational, magnetically levitated container freight transport demonstration being built in Port Angeles, Washington uses common materials and construction methods to help lower costs.

Magnetic Propulsion, Energy-Free Suspension
Frictionless operations reduce wear and maintenance
Weight bearing wheels that traditionally provide both support and transmit driving forces from the vehicle to the roadway have been replaced by LEVX® proprietary non-contact suspension, propulsion and braking technologies. The use of permanent magnets in LEVX® technologies eliminates friction between key system components to minimize wearing parts and costly maintenance requirements.
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