Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension

Benefits: Emissions

LEVX® transportation technologies, like other technologies developed at Magna Force, conserve vital energy resources while accomplishing the same tasks as the older systems that we replace. LEVX® technologies, for example, provide an energy and pollution savings of as much as 95+% over diesel trucks or transit buses carrying similar loads.

Conservation, or using less, is a primary concern for the LEVX® design team. It is the combination of using dramatically less energy, and using the cleanest available energy source that deliver the unmatched environmental benefits of LEVX® transportation systems.

LEVX® propulsion technologies are easily adaptable to work with new or improved "green" energy technologies as they become available. Today, we consider the wisest and most immediate answer is to simply use less, dramatically less, to do more.

The LEVX® hybrid linear propulsion design is a great example for extended range. The on board generator used to intermittently re-charge a battery pack can be configured to work with most any fuel supply, much like hybrid cars that are available today, and achieves a similar combination of conservation and emission reduction benefits. Zero emission, all electric configurations are also possible utilizing in station charging to maintain on board battery storage within vehicles.


Transport Emissions " A double-cabin LEVX® shuttle transporting 70 seated passengers and fueled by natural gas (CNG) would produce an estimated 3/10th of one pound of CO2 emissions per mile compared to the 1 pound generated by a single gasoline powered passenger car or 1/2 pound generated by a single hybrid passenger car traveling the same distance. "
Jo Klinski, Port Angeles

Transport Emissions
Immediate 95+% Reduction
LEVX® slashes the energy and associated emissions required to move people and goods by 95+%. The environmental and social benefits of utilizing LEVX® technologies in a zero emission or very near zero emission configuration are immediate and can be measured by each container or passenger carriage transported across the LEVX® system. LEVX® technologies can help the world achieve the critical transition to environmentally sustainable transportation systems.
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