Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension

Benefits: Energy Efficiency

LEVX® time tested, energy free magnetic suspension provides the key to overall system efficiency. Passive magnetic levitation eliminates the static drag associated with weight bearing wheels. Since each LEVX® carriage remains suspended continuously, never touching down on the guideway rails they may be moved forward or backward with minimal force, dramatically slashing overall energy requirements.

Passive permanent magnets also remove the physical limiting factor of adhesion from the primary propulsion and braking system. Further, LEVX® creates no magnetic drag eliminating the additional energy required from electromagnetic systems to manage and overcome that issue.

The "powered by motion" linear drive that is a core advancement in LEVX® propulsion systems is derived from industrial technologies developed at Magna Force, Inc. which have been proven to provide up to 99% efficiency. Rotating, passive magnet arrays transfer driving forces between the carriage and guideway without contact. This highly efficient, friction free drive system combined with energy free magnetic levitation requires so little energy that it eliminates the requirement for a costly connection to the local power grid allowing LEVX® to be constructed in areas with little or no additional infrastructure.


" LEVX® technologies eliminate the need for costly utility connections and wayside power conditioning equipment that can cost as much as $20 million per guideway mile. "
Jo Klinski, Port Angeles

Relative Energy Efficiency
Moving Toward Utility Independence
Testing the combination of two core LEVX® elements, friction free suspension and non-contact propulsion, has revealed the world changing potential of the combined technologies.

Magna Force estimates the energy requirement to move a fully loaded freight transport container weighing nearly 70,000 pounds will be less than .25 kWh per container mile traveling along a LEVX® guideway. This is an 95+% reduction when compared to wheeled trucks.

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