Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension

Benefits: Safety

LEVX® magnetic suspension (levitation) does not depend on a power supply, motion or any other system component to maintain a wide air gap. Each carriage is suspended above a passive guideway, incorporating the basic principles of magnetic repulsion, utilizing high-powered steady state, room temperature permanent magnets. LEVX® systems can continue normal operations even during regional power outages maintaining vital transportation services.

LEVX® designs utilize mechanical guidance that requires no energy, sensors or controls that might fail during operation. Platform guidance will be provided largely by the guideway structure itself. Non-traction, shock absorbing guidance rollers rotate freely maintaining a centered platform position and providing stability when corning. As they travel along the guideway, levitated carriages inherently maintain a centered position. Therefore guidance rollers are not required to be continuously in contact with the guideway.

No dangerous exposed electrified elements are contained in or around LEVX® guideways. Permanent magnets are not electrified and emit no EMF (electromagnetic field) which may be a safety concern to some.


" Previous non-contact braking tests recorded maximum deceleration of 50% of forward speed per second. "
Jo Klinski, Port Angeles

Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension
Fail-Safe By Nature
There are several inherent safety factors with fully automated transportation systems operating on segregated guideways. Guideways are separated from other types of traffic. There are no intersections with other traffic. Fully automated operation removes driver error, a common cause of surface street and highway accidents due to fatigue, distraction, poor weather conditions or intoxication.
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