Investment: Patent Equity Plan

LEVX® technology targets growing markets
LEVX® addresses steadily growing markets for new freight and passenger rail infrastructure as well as new rolling (floating!) stock demands. Worldwide, finances and fuel supplies remain volatile and problematic. And in recent years environmental concerns have played an increasingly important role in decision making. LEVX® technologies have been specifically developed to address these issues.

International organizations and economic initiatives to encourage more resource-friendly and sustainable transportation choices are further influencing the choice of technologies. Increasingly, technology transfer is becoming the preferred tool to initiate lasting change in developing countries where innovations provide ecological as well as economic benefits.

The LEVX® Patent Equity Plan supports these international trends by acknowledging the power and effectiveness of placing control of vital technology in the hands of those closest to transportation project development.


Global rail market grows by 2.5 to 4% per year

$100 Billion USD - China's planned rail investment for 2013
$140 Billion USD - The rest of the world's yearly new rail investment by 2015
$89 Billion USD - Annual global rail services revenue by 2015

Acquire LEVX® Technologies

The LEVX® Patent Equity Plan supports international technology transfer starting with all available patents, patent applications, trademarks and future improvements (additional patent applications) and the immediate sharing of engineering information to be followed by classroom and hands on training.

Download the LEVX® Patent Equity Plan.

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