Investment: Patent Equity Plan Country Price Sheet

Each country listed in the Country Price Sheet has been valued based on a matrix of market factors including population density, current and future freight handling requirements, environmental status, the need for disaster relief and economic factors.

LEVX® in Newly Developing Regions
LEVX® technologies can be a valuable asset in supporting ecologically and economically sustainable transportation options for newly developing and remote areas. LEVX® operates independently from other resources, and can therefore provide the first mobility infrastructure needed to spawn further economic growth.

LEVX® as First Infrastructure
Independent operation means that LEVX® transportation systems may be built where no other supporting infrastructure (i.e. electric utilities) yet exists. LEVX® elevated guideways may also be built across environmentally sensitive areas with minimal disturbance at ground level. One potential project would create a new port facility where existing soils will not support the stacking of containers or the construction of conventional rail or roadways.

LEVX® in Highly Developed Regions
Fully developed areas may benefit from LEVX® technologies ability to add transport capacity over existing right of ways and in infrastructure dense areas such as airports, urban centers or port and intermodal facilities without further burdening existing utilities or existing infrastructure. Elevated guideway designs require minimal ground interface and eliminate the need for cross traffic management.


Magna Force supports UNIDO & UNEP Green Industry Platform

Magna Force is honored to join heads of governmental, business and civil society organizations to declare our support for the Green Industry Platform; a voluntary multi-stakeholder partnership established by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the United Nations Environment Programme and partner United Nations organizations. More...

Magna Force has developed a valuation for the LEVX® Patent Portfolio on a country by country basis based on a variety of environmental and economic factors. We are also establishing important international alliances that can provide support for LEVX® technology transfer and project development moving forward.

We will also consider payment schedules and other flexible finance terms that may be available on a case by case basis.

Download the LEVX® Patent Equity Plan Country Price Sheet.

Click here for the LEVX® Patent Equity Plan.
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