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Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension

Civil Engineering

After reaching the decision to first engage the heavy freight market with the LEVX® technologies, the entire LEVX® team collaborated in the final engineering and construction of a fully operational, magnetically levitated container freight transport system for ports, intermodal facilities and freight corridors. This heavy duty system will also be used to demonstrate mining applications.

Phase 1 engineering, freight guideway construction and assembly of the first freight carriage is complete. Rigorous testing routines have begun on the full scale heavy freight transport system..

This Is TTCI
TTCI is a world-class transportation research and testing organization, providing emerging technology solutions for the railway industry throughout North America and the world.

TTCI has extensive test instrumentation, data collection, communication, and analysis capabilities that support laboratory and field testing activities around the world.


An Engineering Perspective
"...transitions are slowly absorbed in the cushion of movement...impact not exist"

"the analysis truly has a moving uniform load with negligible impacts. This is not changed by the velocity of the carriage"

"the designs to date have only used 45% of the repulsion forces"

Read Gene's Letter.

The LEVX® Team: Accomplished and Proficient
  • Magnetics, R&D (61 years)
  • Bridge and Road Design, Civil and Structural Engineering (38 years)
  • Business Development, Management (34 years)
  • Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD)
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA / FEM)
  • Machining, Fabrication, Survey, Construction
  • Electronics, Data Base Programmer, Marketing
  • Environmental Engineering, Logistics
  • Transportation Technology Development and Testing
Engineering Specifications for the Demonstration Track
  • Carriage Gross Vehicle Weight - 45 Tons (90,000 pounds)
  • Payload allowance exceeding 34 Tons (68,000 pounds)
  • Design Speed - 45 MPH
  • Minimum Cornering Radius - 60'
  • Earthquake Zone - 4
  • Wind Loads (side, gusts) - 100 MPH
  • Margin of Safety - 2.5:1
  • Estimated Cost per Lane Mile - $5 M
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