Fixed Gap Magnetic Coupling

History: Past Innovations

Magna Force's core technologies are based upon fundamental principles of magnetism that eliminate the requirement for a motor and load to be mechanically connected. Powerful permanent magnets replace conventional shaft connections and transfer torque across an air gap within the coupling. This "disconnection" of the motor and load eliminates the transfer of torsional vibration between components and protects the motor from over torque conditions such as load seizures. Disconnection also provides for additional system savings that may be obtained through the reduction of motor size to more closely match the load requirements.

Magna Force, Inc. introduced its maintenance and energy saving magnetic coupling technology to industry over 17 years ago. Magna Force's first industrial applications solved long-term maintenance problems at the most troubled sites in plants. Today, Magna Force's coupling technologies are in use in thousands of installations throughout industry around the world and by the U.S. Navy. Read more about our past innovations.

Magna Force, Inc's efforts next focused on creating a simple and affordable magnetically levitated transportation system. LEVX® requires no connection to local power grids and operates along a low-cost guideway.

Fixed Gap Coupling

Fixed Gap Magnetic Coupling

Adj. Speed Coupling

Adjustable Speed Magnetic Coupling
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