Fixed Gap Magnetic Coupling
Fixed Gap Coupling Technology

Fixed Gap Couplings Technology is simple; involving no moving parts during operation. The technology delivers 100% torque transfer, and offers up to a 99% speed efficiency. Benefits include soft starting features, load seizure protection, misalignment tolerance and vibration isolation, dramatically reducing maintenance requirements and extend the useful life of equipment.

All of Magna Force's magnetic coupling technologies have been tested and validated by Oregon State University's Motor Systems Resource Facility, the Bonneville Power Administration, the US Department of Energy and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance.

Fixed Gap Coupling

Fixed Gap Magnetic Coupling

" The Magna Force coupler has evolved . . . to provide a high-efficiency, alignment-tolerant connection method for industrial loads and drives. In addition, it appears to provide inherent soft-start and load-shock-absorption features. The operation of the coupler is analogous to that of an induction motor in which the rotating field is produced without losses by physical rotation of permanent magnets. "

~ Alan Wallace for the U.S. Department of Energy-Bonneville Power Administration Technology Development Team; DOE/BPA 13314-1, June 95

Adj. Speed Coupling

Reaction & Response

  • "The vibration that was felt from over 70 feet away was no longer noticeable."
  • " indefinite service life, reduces repair and replacement time, eliminates the hazardous waste stream, and extends the life of seals."
  • "The soft start features allow for use of less current on startup providing more flexibility in plant alignments when electrical power is limited as well as extending the life of motors."
  • "the motor amperage draw has dropped approximately 20% which will result in reduced power costs."
  • "Fleet-wide implementation for approximately 15,000 surface ship pump applications will provide annual (labor) savings of more than 1700 Sailor-years."
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