The patented LEVX® technology replaces complex, energy intensive systems with simple mechanical devices. LEVX® Transportation Systems are comprised of three core technical advancements that when combined offer achievable and sustainable options for mobility and the environment.

LEVX® carriages are held in continuous energy-free magnetic suspension above a truly passive guideway. This perpetual defiance of gravity is achieved through simple magnetic repulsion that naturally occurs between like poles of permanent rare-earth magnets contained in the carriage and the guideway.

Truly passive, low cost guideway structures contain no expensive electrified components, no copper coils and no power conditioning equipment. The cost of the guideway is further lowered as each carriage's weight is widely disbursed along its length which allows for lighter gauge construction materials. The first of its kind magnetically levitated container freight transport demonstration system for ports, intermodal facilities and freight corridors is being constructed at our facilities in Port Angeles, Washington for an affordably low price of $5 million per lane mile.

Our patented magnetic drive creates frictionless propulsion by producing powerful forces. Carriage speed and direction are controlled by simply adjusting the rotation of the magnet array. Non-contact primary braking forces are generated by stopping or reversing the direction of the magnetic array.

The "powered by motion" linear drive that is the core advancement in LEVX® propulsion systems is derived from proven industrial technologies developed at Magna Force, Inc. Rotating, passive magnet arrays transfer driving forces between the carriage and guideway without contact.


At $5 million per lane mile the first of its kind magnetically levitated container freight transport demonstration being built in Port Angeles, Washington uses common materials and construction methods to help lower costs.

Permanent Magnetic, Energy-Free Suspension
The Technology Behind LEVX®
LEVX® time tested, energy free magnetic suspension eliminates both static and magnetic drag from the system, dramatically slashing overall energy requirements. Each LEVX® carriage remains suspended continuously, never touching down on the guideway rails and may be moved forward or backward with minimal force.
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