Technology: Guidance

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LEVX® designs utilize mechanical guidance that requires no energy, sensors or controls that might fail during operation.

Platform guidance will be provided largely by the guideway structure itself. Non-traction, shock absorbing guidance rollers rotate freely maintaining a centered platform position and providing stability when corning. As they travel along the guideway, levitated carriages inherently maintain a centered position. Therefore guidance rollers are not required to be continuously in contact with the guideway.

Made of a high performance solid polyurethane industrial material, guidance rollers can withstand speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour. To minimize costs, mechanical guidance has been chosen for LEVX® systems operating at moderate speeds, because they require no energy input, control or monitoring.


Primary guidance is provided by rollers made of high performance solid polyurethane industrial material that can withstand speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour. Polyurethane systems have become a first choice in applications with extremely high dynamic loads and/or wear.

Temperature and abrasion resistance are excellent and dynamic properties are very good. Wheels that lasted 3 months, now have lasted over three years in service.

Guide Rollers
High-Speed Guide Rollers Polyurethanes are complex molecular chains that, when formed, tend to retain their shape, flexibility and resilience under stress, tension or compression. With the ability to be formed into practically any shape, size, and hardness, polyurethanes are extremely versatile.
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