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Technology: Magnetic Levitation (MagLev)

Levitation The patented permanent magnet suspension system allows LEVX® carriages to remain suspended above the guideway rail, without an energy source. LEVX® does not depend on system controls to maintain fail-safe, continuous levitation - whether in motion, or completely stopped.

LEVX® carriages are held in continuous energy free magnetic suspension above a truly passive guideway utilizing the patented LEVX® magnetic suspension system eliminating the need for heavy wheel and axle components. No energy, linear velocity, sensors or air gap management controls are required for LEVX® carriages to perpetually hover above the guideway. Perpetual defiance of gravity is achieved through simple magnetic repulsion that naturally occurs between like poles of permanent magnets.

Simple, magnet to magnet repulsion provides superior efficiency and lift potential compared to all other conventional maglev configurations. An early LEVX® prototype has been held in stable and continuous suspension for over 87,000 hours with no degradation of the air gap between the guideway and the suspended carriage. A second prototype with recycled magnets from two other test tracks has been similarly suspended for over 70,000 hours, again requiring zero energy to remain suspended over a guideway.

The patented LEVX® permanent magnet suspension system is the core technology that provides a quantum leap in transportation efficiency by eliminating the static drag caused by weight bearing wheels.

Carriages are suspended at a minimum of 1" above guideway rails at all times lessening the demand for perfect surfaces and tight construction tolerances that might otherwise increase engineering requirements and project cost.

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Time Tested
" An early LEVX® prototype has been held in stable, continuous suspension for over 87,000 hours with no degradation of the air gap between the guideway and the suspended carriage. "
Jo Klinski, COO, CIPO
"The straightforward inventiveness, that is Jerry Lamb's hallmark, surprised me yet again... The LEVX® system provides passive, non-energy consuming suspension and guidance for vehicles. "
Read Alan's report.
Alan Wallace, Professor of Engineering, Oregon State University

Perpetual, Energy Free
Levitation The concept of 2 magnets repelling against each other is not new. Many have attempted to create a stable relationship between the two opposing elements with no success. While the outcome achieved by Mr. Lamb seems quite simple, the science behind his success is not so obvious. The result of his work defies the assumptions of physicists and other experts around the world. His many years of practice in the art of magnetism and success with prior innovations gave him the knowledge and tools needed to create a lasting, stable, and strong configuration. Our success in patenting around the world, undergoing endless searches for prior art and working through detailed examinations underlines the true innovation in the LEVX® design.
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