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Technology: Magnetic Propulsion / Braking

Propulsion & Braking While LEVX® carriages are passively suspended and mechanically guided using no energy, carriage propulsion and braking systems do require energy. However, the absence of weight bearing wheels, combined with the unique LEVX® non-contact propulsion and braking system, slashes the amount of energy required to move carriages along the guideway.

The LEVX® frictionless non-contact, non-wearing propulsion and dynamic braking system is taken directly from the core technologies utilized in Magna Force's proven industrial power transmission products. Carriage mounted magnetic discs rotate near an aluminum linear reaction rail mounted in the guideway. The rotation of the magnetic discs produces a powerful forward or backward force against the aluminum reaction rail moving the carriage along the passive guideway.

The magnetic suspension eliminates static drag associated with weight bearing wheels, and by doing so, removes the physical limiting factor of adhesion from the primary propulsion and braking system. LEVX® creates no magnetic drag and achieves stable levitation at very wide air gaps, which provides for smooth vibration free transport. The testing of several generations of full-scale LEVX® prototypes has established a new standard for transportation efficiency and simplicity and an economic viability thought previously unattainable.

This highly efficient, friction free drive system combined with energy free magnetic levitation eliminates the requirement for a costly connection to the local power grid allowing LEVX® to be constructed in areas with little or no additional infrastructure.

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" LEVX® propulsion systems can be powered by a variety of energy sources according to availability and cost advantages in different regions. "

Jo Klinski, COO, CIPO
Stopping at 400mph
North American Eagle We are sponsoring the North American Eagle team's quest for the land speed record. During a 400mph land speed test, the parachutes on the 7 ton jet car failed to deploy. With only one mile to stop before crashing, Ed Shadle, applied the magnetic brakes developed at Magna Force, safely stopping the car.
Going for the Record.

Proven "Powered By Motion" Drive

Freight Demo The highly efficient magnetic forces used in the LEVX® propulsion system are safely created by eddy currents rather than electromagnetic currents. Carriage speed and direction are controlled by simply adjusting the speed and direction of rotation of the magnetic discs. Powerful non-contact primary braking forces are generated by stopping or reversing the direction of rotation of the magnetic discs. Multiple drive units may be provided to facilitate a wide variety of propulsion/braking profiles as payload weights and terrain varies. Duplication also provides redundancy for backup system purposes.
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